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Imagine the desirable change in your personality with fuller hair regrowth! Doesn’t it sound like a magical transformation or rather call this as a medical makeover! Well, we can understand how hard you might have tried to cope with the hair loss by using topical gels, serums, hair care products and other supplements. However, this struggle needs to be ended by undergoing a hair transplant session or sessions if required. The type of hair transplant surgery to be used in your case will be decided by the medical professionals or as recommended by the surgeons. The results of hair restoration are often variable for the patients.

But, the success story does not end here as post-hair transplant care should also be focused on for speedy recovery and long-term benefits. It is almost a new beginning for an individual after a successful hair transplant session. No matter which procedure has been used for hair restoration, the whole idea is to offer full coverage on the bald patches. The severity of hair loss, expectations from the hair transplant and the overall recovery considerations are variable. In fact, even the eligibility for hair restoration or hair transplant is known by performing the clinical tests. Thus, it is quite obvious that daily hair care, hair transplant recovery and the desirable results are interlinked.

To give you a better overview, we have listed some of the tips for smooth recovery after hair transplant:

Heavy lifting should be avoided

The healing process after hair transplant gets impacted negatively through heavy lifting. Similarly, strenuous activity or sports activities should be avoided for a smooth healing. The incisions or reopening of follicles after the hair transplant heal properly when the precautions are followed. Moreover, when the scalp is prevented from being exposed, the chances of infection also get reduced. 

Daily intake of prescribed medicine as advised by the doctor

Whether it is a pain killer, hair growth strengthening topical creams or antibiotics aimed at preventing infection, the prescribed medicines should be taken as advised by the doctor. In fact, the discomfort and the initial recovery phase can be easily managed through daily intake of medicines.

Scalp should be protected from direct sun exposure

The risk of complications arises when the scalp gets exposed to direct sunlight while you are in the healing phase. Most of all, in the first few weeks after the hair transplant surgery, sun exposure should be prevented further making the healing process faster.

Skin-friendly and gentle hair products should be used

It is apparent that you cannot resume with the normal hair wash or any activities immediately after the hair transplant surgery. But, when the doctor approves the normal routine and hair wash/care regime, you should choose paraben-free and gentle hair care products to clean the treated area. It should be noted that the scalp area that is in the healing phase, should not be rubbed or scrubbed vigorously.

Maintain hygiene and proper hair care routine

As a human tendency, the curiosity of touching the scalp or checking the treated area for signs of improvement. Generally, it is advisable not to touch the scalp, but, if you cannot resist doing so, wash the hands with hot water and anti-bacterial gel. This will ensure the infections are not spread through.

Follow-up appointments should be attended on a regular basis

Your recovery pace and the improvement in healing of the scalp can be known by visiting the hair transplant clinic. The follow-up appointments are decided by the doctor and he decides the total visits after examining the healing process of the patient. These follow-ups are aimed at tracking the progress report while you can also get your queries addressed.

Head should be elevated while sleeping

The inflammation, discomfort and other issues in the healing process get reduced when the head is elevated. It also ensures that proper drainage of fluids from the scalp by merely moderating the sleep posture.

How To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Clinic That Offers Comprehensive Pre And Post-Operative Care?

Over the past few years, the hair transplant procedures have evolved according to the modern hair restoration requirements. If you have been searching for the best hair transplant clinic that offers comprehensive support before and after the surgery, should be shortlisted. In short, you must prioritize the top hair transplant clinic that offers comprehensive information to the patients related to the complications, risks and other details. Connect with the hair transplant specialists of Neoaesthetica Hair Clinics and seek consultation for the scope of hair restoration and quick recovery!

In-depth research, comprehensive research and the top hair transplant clinic together offer the best results and successful recovery!

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