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When the signs of hair loss like hair thinning, hair fall and receding hairline start affecting your lifestyle rapidly, it’s time to make a concrete decision. At the initial stage, you can cope with the symptoms of hair loss with topical solution, hair care serum or the other medication prescribed by the doctor. But, if you have already crossed that stage and hair restoration is the only solution, then, getting familiar with the basics of the hair transplant process becomes crucial. To start with, the hair transplant procedure is all about identifying the number of grafts to be used at the recipient site and the total number of hair follicles to be extracted from the donor site before the execution. In addition, determining the cost of the total number of grafts is also imperative to understand the overall pricing structure.

Every individual has unique hair restoration goals to get a natural hairline after the hair transplant procedure. Therefore, the number of hair grafts also varies on the grounds of the density, volume, severity of hair loss, type of hairline and the additional factors that will influence the final outcome of hair regrowth. Generally, a minimum of 500-1800 grafts are used for hair restoration to help the patient restore his confidence due to the boosted hair volume. Nevertheless, if you are looking forward to exploring the details related to 1000 grafts hair transplant cost in India, then, it will be ideal to brush up on the implications of this amount of grafts and its outcome after the hair transplant procedure.

Factors That Influence The Number Of Grafts And Its Cost Criteria For Hair Transplant

The medical practitioner or hair restoration specialist has a team of surgeons, well-trained staff members and clinical assessment & consultation altogether help the patients determine their objectives of hair transplant surgery. On the other hand, if the patient is familiar with some aspects of hair restoration, then, the following information on the number of grafts involved in the procedure will become apparent:

1. Type of hair loss

Hair loss signs are variable, but, if you are suffering from male pattern hair loss, then, a predictable pattern can be noticed. The suitable treatment options and the Norwood scale considerations for using the number of grafts are planned on the basis of hair loss patterns. Some of the particular hair loss patterns include horseshoe patterns in crown hair loss, M shape hairline caused due to hair loss along the different stages of receding hairline patterns. Generally, when it comes to proceeding with the evaluation of 1000 grafts hair transplant cost in India, the use of the Norwood Scale to determine the number of grafts is done by the doctor.

2. Norwood scale results to finalize number of grafts for hair restoration

Whether it is the optimal use of hair graft calculator or the Norwood scale, the hair transplant surgeon determines the severity of hair loss. On a scale of 1-7, the doctor evaluates the scalp of the patient and notices the pattern of hair loss to diagnose the issue and come up with practical recommendations. For instance, if you are specified 2 on the Norwood Scale, then, the hair transplant can be accomplished in about 1000 hair grafts. However, if you are in the 3rd position in the Norwood Scale, then, the number of hair grafts to be used for hair transplant may range somewhere between 1,000-1,700.

As a part of this diagnosis, the operation will also be recommended by the hair transplant surgeon to deliver the pragmatic results after the procedure. According to the customized hair restoration plan including the type of hairline, and natural results, the 1000 grafts hair transplant cost in India starts from Rs. 25,000. However, the total cost will be specified after compiling the preferences, use of procedure and the consultation for hair restoration. You must remember that this is the estimate and standard pricing structure for 1000 hair grafts, contact Neoaesthetica Hair Clinics near you to seek consultation and get your hair restoration procedure tailored!

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